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    Welcome to Integents IT,
    We are more than Information Technology.

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    Concept, Development, Testing

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We are Integents

The slogan says “Business Simplified”. That's what we want to do. We are here to re-define the “IT Service Provider” concept.
An IT company is more than developers, programmers and coders. We are willing to cover all your IT needs just under one umbrella. That too with the best prices and a perfect quality. Your softwares, websites and applications give you the personality in the industry. We are here to perform that makeover to you. Let’s create your personality.

Plugin Development & Customization

Get customized plugins and or tweak existing plugins as per your needs for existing softwares. Choose what you need and see it being created.

Application Development

Android, iOS and Windows based mobile application development. Includes games and applications based on other platforms as well. Mobile Application web optimization.

Web Development

PHP, Asp.net, Javascript, Oracle, WordPress or any other platform based website development and customization. We specialize in Corporate Websites and eCommerce website.

Software Development

Need a specialised software? Delivered. One Stop Solution for all your Software needs.


Need a code? A program? Let us know the programming language you need the code in and get it delivered in the deadline.

Technical Support

Now you don’t have to face trouble managing your program, software, database or website. We are here to take care of the technical part.

Database Management

Platform or code based database management and editing. Don’t let your database be ruined by unnecessary load of information.


We learn the idea. Research on it. Get to know the concept. We identify the motive. And create a workflow according to your thought.



We develop the thought into a working design. We keep it simple and user friendly. Complete the code with advanced options.



As soon the program is ready, we test it. Identify the working capacity in different situations. We consider a worst case scenario. Then make necessary changes. Deliver when 100% ready.


Why us?

Modern Design

We create designs suitable for your needs and one step ahead of competition.

Clean & Modern Code

Clean code is a necessity as you might want to edit in future by yourself. Competing with time to keep our codes advanced for your future needs.

Completely Customizable

Full customization control in your hands. Mold your software or website whenever you feel so.

100% Responsive

No bugs, no errors and no loading time. 100% responsive software & web pages.

Loaded with Features

Simplified access and control loaded with all necessary features.

Free Updates & Support

Get all softwares and web updates free for similar visions and 24X7 technical support. Just a call away.