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    It’s is not just about voice,
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Marketing is a basic need of any business. Integents posses vast experience in industry specific marketing. We also perform the combination of these formats that is bulk marketing where we focus more on reaching out to as many people as possible which helps in branding of the product. We use variety of strategies and systems to achieve great results for our clients. Most of the solutions that we provide are cloud based hence it is always easier for our clients to review a real time progress of the tasks which are being performed.


Service and Support are one of our key features. We provide support in voice, web, email and chat. Our support teams fragment in options for businesses to deal with their corporate clients and their individual customers as well. B2B & B2C teams have certifications on different scales, languages and techniques. A week's trial with our teams can help you understand the quality that we deliver. We focus on our client’s customer satisfaction. This increases the client’s customer base and growth which eventually leads to our growth.


Lead Generation is a result of data mining and marketing. Experts picked up from both categories work in our lead generation teams. The experience lets us identify the right lead which can later on be converted into a potential client. Our knowledge teams also hold a role in the lead generation. We also work with several other factors like appointment setting or generation, white papers and business development. Let us know your specific needs and we will design a campaign for your special business needs.


This service includes the research needed for a business at different formats and levels. Our global presence and network of affiliates help us complete this task. All you need to do is provide us the overview of your requirements and the quality standards. The remaining is taken care by the analysts working with our organization. We provide deep industry research with the necessary information and help you develop a customized solution to address the issues coming across.


Under this service we cover corporate trainings, skill trainings and platform trainings. These are online sessions held by industry experts around the globe.

Options like one to one session, video conference, audio & video recordings are few of the convenient ways we offer.


Our prices vary per project and according to your special needs. Let us know the exact requirement so we can get you a right solution at the best prices.

A free trial is always at your service.